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What’s your Jelly?

As an example here are a few things we are currently looking into to provide to our members.


Special Needs Equipment & Toys

Anyone who has bought or looked at buying any Special Needs Toys or Equipment must have been horrified by the prices they have been quoted. We don’t think there is any justification in charging some of the high prices we have come across. We are currently liaising with manufacturers and looking to hopefully in the future provide safe, quality equipment and toys at a fraction of the prices you find quoted by suppliers.



One of the top issues for those with Autism and their carers is how to find an employer willing to take on an employee with Autism. Looking for a job in the workplace is hard at the best of times but if you are Autistic or have Asperger’s then this can be doubly hard. Employers are missing out on a valuable resource as although the employee would be “different” they could make a “difference” to the company they work for. We are currently looking into providing employers and those looking for a job a dedicated Jobs area where jobs can be posted and searched for and training provided for the employer in how to work with those that are autistic or have Aspergers.


As well as the above, we also have other projects in the pipe line so keep checking back regularly!

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Many thanks for Supporting 1 in 50 & Autism.

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